Hey Ya’ll today is our FINAL DAY IN GUATEMALA!!!!! We have had a Fantastic week but we ALL miss our Families and are ready to come home! We got to sleep in till 8 today and we left at 1030 to head to Antigua to go shopping and then when we got there we ate at Pollo Campero (Chicken reastaurant) for lunch and then we went to the markets and had a GREAT time Bartering for the gift we got for our families!! We are getting ready to head out in the morning to head home so are getting everything packed and ready to go… so better get going and we will talk to you All tomorrow

Love you

TEAM PIZZA RANCH ( written by Jordan Vaught)

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Day 5 with team 5 :)

It is 11:13 Pm on the 29th of July and we have just arrived from our second clinical in a village up by the coast!  I must say this was touching, from giving medicine, to playing with the kids in the pouring rain, to singing joyful songs, and listening to our own teammates pour their hearts and stories to the villagers! it amazes me how many people today opened their hearts and accepted Jesus in their hearts today! I must say this is the greatest feeling that i have ever felt! as a matter a fact ill write a book about it some day when i learn how to write correctly, cuz paige is yelling at me on my left side for misspelling! ❤ jose camarena

Today as well, as we were riding on the way to the village something happened!!!!!! 😦 A FLAT TIRE!!! oh noooooo!!!! but never fear!!! God is with us at all times and in less than ten minutes we were on our way to touch many hearts!!! 🙂 and we stopped at a gas station, just saying! nothing much there! and paige, amy, katie, brad, and jose say hi to everyone that reads this oh, and we prayed and stopped the rain…why? cuz we are awesome!!!!

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Clinic Day 1

We got home late last night so we’re writing this this morning instead. Yeswterday morning we were allowed to sleep in! It felt AMAZING!! Except I think a few of us were more tired than usual. After breakfast, a few of us worked on bagging up some rice and beans to give to the families at the clinic. Others of us worked on dividing up some of the medications into little bags. We had devotions in the morning right before dinner in preparation for the big day ahead of us.

We left around shortly after noon for our two hour drive to the mountainous village that we were holding the clinic at. The roads were crazy! Between the twists and turns around the mountain and the bumpy gravely roads, we were all ready to be there!

The clinic was set up in the school at the village. Some of us started in the clinic working in an assembly line fashion bagging up all the meds that they needed. The rest of us played outside with all the village children. Some of the parents got involved too!

When the clinic was over, we played a Jesus film for the village and hermano Jesus shared a message. Five of our team members shared their testimonies and the whole team got together and sang some songs. It was a very emotional time for our team and for the village. There were so many people that decided to give their lives to Christ last night!! It was amazing to see God working through everyone there.

The ride home was shorter, somehow? A lot of us were feeling a little sick after this one… Once we finally got inside, pretty much everyone went straight to bed!! That’s all for yesterday and we’re all very anxious to see what today brings!

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Friday – House Dedication Day

**unfortunately, yesterday’s blog didn’t get posted without us realizing it. We apologize. So…

Thursday we stuccoed the houses and had a fabulous time smearing each other’s faces. We also connected the porches and finished mudding the inside drywall.

Today was a long, spiritual, successful day. Not to say that the other days are not, but house dedication is an amazing thing. In the morning we painted the inside of the houses an aqua blue, then decorated the walls with Bible verses and pictures for the family to enjoy. We had many requests for decorations from favorite Psalms to bunnies. Some teams had more artistic ability than others, but all the houses turned out colorful and fun!

After lunch and a birthday party for one of the village girls, we proceeded to dedicate the houses. Our whole team went to each house, with those who built it presenting gifts inside and listening to Hermano Jesus share the gospel while the rest of us prayed, read scripture, and sang songs the entire time. Our voices are sore and we’re all a little worn out, but God was definitely present throughout the day and most, if not all, of the people in each house family committed their lives to Christ today. We’re all ecstatic to have these new brothers and sisters in Christ and ask that all you folks back home start praying them up as they begin to live for Him!

Thank you for all your prayers today, we could definitely feel them and are extremely grateful to have such an amazing support base. God is at work here in Guatemala, and we pray that His presence continues to work!

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wednesday blog Team Pizza Ranch

Hey everyone WE MADE IT we all had a LONG day yesterday with traveling we left at 2:00 from maurice and Picked up Sgt bluff crew at 2:30 and had a GREaT ride to the airport everything went very well with NO problems on the way to Atlanta. When we got to Atlanta we had a 9 hour layover so we rode the train to downtown and walked to Johnny Rocket Restaurant (50’s theme) and then went to the World Of Coke Museum!!! We had a Great time but were wore out by time we got back to the airport… we got on the plane around 7 and had a 3 hour flight into Guatemala City, Going thru customs went very fast and had no problems with that so Overall had a wonderful travel day!!!

we got into the mission base around 10pm and all went to bed because we had to be up at 6am to get off to the work site, we got everyone fed and out the door by 7am, Pretty amazing for having all these Girls LOL… just kidding but we had about a hour drive into the village of LORAINA and started right away with our building!! we have 5 amazing groups that worked their butts off today and got the whole house UP. we got there and the concrete was already poured so we started putting the metal studs up and then went on to the drywall on the inside and the cement board on the outside, the teams worked together very well and had a wonderful day. Keep in mind we did this in about 90 degree weather! It was pretty hot out today but we made it and are ready for tomorrow!

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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Pizza Ranch, July 24-31, 2012.

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